How I Met Your Mother Recap: 9.04 – The Broken Code

The countdown to the wedding (which still hasn’t happened 4 episodes into the season) is now at 51 hours and it looks like Barney and Ted may have run into a problem.  Coming off of last week’s episode ending with the impending confrontation between the two bros, Ted clears the air by assuring Barney he was only helping Robin find the locket she lost.

Meanwhile, Robin accuses Lily of dropping the ball on her Maid of Honor duties by not arranging a proper bachelorette party.  In her own defense, Lily points out that Robin’s lack of female friends and inability to get along with women in general is the reason why she was unable to throw a party.  Robin admits her aversion to befriending those of her own sex, but tries to make friends with some women in the hotel bar when Lily puts her to the test.  When she finds another fellow sports loving woman to chat up with, Lily becomes jealous and scares her away.

Ted resumes his duties as the Best Man by being at Barney’s every beck and call only to be eventually replaced by Barney’s childhood idol, Billy Zapka, the bad guy from The Karate Kid (1984).  Barney finally admits he’s still mad at Ted for holding hands with Robin at the carousel, claiming he broke the Bro Code, which mandates that “no bro shall have a weird moment with another bro’s fiancée.”  The Bro Code handbook has conveniently replaces the Gideon’s Bible in hotels all across the country and is at the bros’ disposal to settle their argument.  Unable to come to terms, they solicit Marshall’s impartial opinion via Facetime, as he’s still making his way to Farhamption, but he complicates the rules even more.  Barney gets Ted to admit that he still has feelings for Robin and urges him to turn them off.  Ted swears on the Bro Code handbook that he’ll do whatever he can to move on to avoid ruining their friendship.