An American Legend – Tom Hanks Ten Best Performances

tom_hanks_captain_phillipsTom Hanks is getting serious Oscar buzz for his phenomenal performance in “Captain Phillips” from Oscar-nominee Paul Greengrass.  With the film opening in theaters today, I’m taking a look at the ten best performances from the two-time Academy Award winner.

As Richard Phillips, factual or not, Hanks delivers one of his most raw and emotional performances he’s ever given.  It’s something that fully puts him in contention to win his third Academy Award.  It helps that the film is incredibly suspenseful and powerful especially in its big finale.

Hanks has transitioned amazingly from a comedic and charismatic actor into a full-fledged star with a few more bravura performances left in him.  Definitely had his hiccups in his career, there’s no denying that he has had some of the most memorable works in all of modern cinema.

Let’s take a look at the ten: