The Big Bang Theory Recap: 7.04 “The Raiders Minimization”



This week on The Big Bang Theory, the central focus was on two couples–Penny and Leonard along with Sheldon and Amy.

Sheldon introduces Amy to ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ on one of their date nights, eagerly anticipating her reaction. When Amy says that if somehow Indiana Jones wasn’t in the movie, things would still get done, with or without him. Sheldon knows that the movie won’t ever be the same for him now, so he sets off to find something that will ruin one of Amy’s pleasures. He reads Pride and Prejudice, one of her favorite books to find something wrong with it, but that doesn’t work. So, he finds some major issues in ‘Little House on the Prairie‘, one of Amy’s favorite shows, and lets her know about them to get back at her. She realizes his motives however and apologizes for ruining Raiders for him and they reconcile.

Penny has been reading the newest book from Leonard’s mom for her psychology class that is all about him when he was a child, and is filled with embarrassing stories. At some point, Leonard begins to see this as a positive seeing as how whenever he tells Penny that he’s sad from thinking about his childhood, she sleeps with him. Leonard keeps on pretending to be sad until Penny finally figures out what he’s up to and surprises him by showing a video chat of his mother that probably really makes him regret what he has done. Howard attempts to use Leonard’s trick on Bernadette but fails. Bernie is one tough cookie.

I guess the writers felt that they should write something for Raj this week, even if his scenes were just fillers. Raj and Stuart set up dating profiles online and it turns out not to be a very successful venture. Huge shock to us all.

How did you like the episode?