The Big Bang Theory Recap: 7.05 – “The Workplace Proximity”


Sometimes I feel bad for Amy Farrah Fowler. Her having to put up with Sheldon and all. For what she had to put up with this week on The Big Bang Theory from him, I would have dumped him faster than he can say “Bazinga”.

Amy has told her boyfriend that she will be working at the University temporarily and therefore, they will be closer to each other throughout the day. He doesn’t see it as a problem at first, but after Howard says that he doesn’t want to imagine having to be with Bernadette all day long, Sheldon starts to reconsider. He goes to Penny’s apartment where Amy and Bernie are and tells his significant other that he changed his mind, he’s not okay with the whole thing. He blames Howard, which turns Bernadette into a mad woman, telling her husband to find somewhere else to sleep for the night. Too bad for Sheldon though, because Amy is not giving up this job.

The next day, Sheldon sees Amy talking to some new colleagues, feels bad that he ditched her and decides to go talk to her, which just turns into him embarrassing her in front of her co-workers. Of course, he doesn’t realize what he’s doing, as usual. He later goes up to her to ask for a ride home and she says that humiliating her was unforgivable, so he ends up taking the bus home.

How do Howard and Bernie end things? She goes over to Raj’s apartment the next day to apologize for overreacting but fears that he loves spending time with his friends more than his own wife. He stresses that it’s not true and that starting tomorrow, he will make her his number one priority. He can’t right now because he and Raj are in the middle of a video game, as usual.

As far as Amy and Sheldon are concerned, he goes to her apartment late at night to apologize in a very Sheldon way. She forgives him, but then slams the door in his face because somewhere in his apology, he calls her a weirdo. Oh Sheldon, always the romantic.

How did you like the episode?