Around the Circuit: October 20 – October 26



Link(s) of the week:

The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg broke down the ugly part of the Oscar race, as fact-checkers begin targeting films based on true stories for accuracy. Those who might be worried about their favorite film should remember how Argo managed to go nearly unscathed despite its historical inaccuracies.

Other worthy news from around the web…

Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir told us why the Oscar race still matters.

The LA Times‘ Glenn Whipp answered some Awards season questions for his readers, including those surrounding Michael Fassbender’s chances now that he has announced that he will not be campaigning.

Following the London world premiere of Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks, Deadline’s Pete Hammond wondered if Disney might finally nab a Best Picture win.

Rope of Silicon’s Brad Brevet updated his Oscar predictions in the wake of The Monuments Men’s move to 2014, and the assurance that The Wolf of Wall Street would arrive this Christmas.

Speaking of that move, Film School Reject’s Kate Erbland wondered if a film can truly be an Oscar contender if no one has seen it yet.

The Playlist’s Oliver Lyttelton looked at the contenders for Best Adapted and Original Screenplay.

Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson and Beth Hanna gave a course on what defines a movie star.

Yahoo! Movies’ Thelma Adams got me to watch Blue Caprice after posting her piece on star Isaiah Washington’s interesting perspective on whether or not the multiple African-American roles contending for awards are a move forward for Hollywood.

Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone delivered a State of the Race piece to remind us how good 2013 was at the movies.

The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers rightfully raged about Hollywood’s treatment of older women.

What Culture’s Robert Kojder listed 12 nominations that 12 Years a Slave could wind up netting.

The Guardian’s David Cox on 10 reasons why Movies still trump TV.

Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan put a list together of people he felt should make the 2014 list of most valuable stars following his site’s list for 2013.

And your LOL of the week comes courtesy of Donna Dickens at Buzzfeed.