Saturday Night Live Recap: 39.04 “Edward Norton/Janelle Monae”


Who knew Edward Norton could be really funny? I certainly didn’t. Aside from a few comedic roles here and there, I know him best for his dramatic chops. Surprising me, he did quite a good job hosting SNL this week. Even the musical guest Janelle Monae was pretty good. The greatest thing that happened tonight though? Nasim Pedrad was finally the lead of a sketch this season! Lorne Michaels must have read my previous recaps, demanding for Pedrad to get her own sketch soon. Lorne, merci.

Of course, the show had its bad moments, but first, let’s talk about the good:

Stranger Danger: I really can’t say enough good things about Nasim Pedrad. She has the ability to somehow turn a pretty meh sketch into a pretty funny one. That’s exactly what she did here. Let me put it this way: Without her, this sketch would be in the bad and ugly pile. So, kudos to her and I hope that this won’t be her first and last starring moment this season.

The Midnight Coterie Of Sinister Intruders: This Wes Anderson movie parody was just fantastic. Having Alec Baldwin as the narrator was just a bonus. Edward Norton does an amazing Owen Wilson impression and perfect Kate McKinnon stole the bit, in my opinion, when she appeared briefly as Tilda Swinton. Bravo!

Here now, the bad and ugly this week:

Ruth’s Chris Halloween: There always has to be a stupid sketch every week on SNL, and this was it. Who really wants to see an unfunny bit about a handful of waiters talking about making love for the first time? That’s right. No one.

12 Days Not A Slave: Miley Cyrus “twerked”. That appearance just completely ruined everything. The sketch was already stupid, it didn’t need to keep building on its atrociousness. Please, for everything that is good in this world, NO MORE MILEY!

NEXT WEEK: Kerry Washington/Eminem

How did you like SNL this week?