Top 10 Great Unnamed Characters in Cinema

counselor7It’s becoming a norm from a film about once or twice a year, an artistic director and screenwriter brings forth a character of enigmatic aura and mystery and has him or her go through a series events without the audience ever learning his name.  J.C. Chandor’s “All is Lost” is a brilliant execution of this notion where “Our Man” as he’s listed in the script, never delivers his name or any of his origins and back story.  The end result is a stunning examination of our own human condition that will likely score Robert Redford an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Opening this past weekend, Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor” as written by novelist Cormac McCarthy, offers nothing that warrants a mysterious Michael Fassbender, who is only called “The Counselor”, to gain any curiosity or respect from the viewers as he gets involved in drug smuggling and phone sex handling.

Click through the gallery to see the top ten most interesting “nameless” characters to be featured in film.  Fair warning, it skews younger but these stuck out in my mind.

If you have more you would like to name and include, put in the comment section.