A-List Contenders included on Golden Globe Award Shortlist for Foreign Language Film


hero_Blue_is_the_warmest_colorThanks to the great Steve Pond at The Wrap, he has collected the longlist for Foreign Language Film for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which hosts the Golden Globe Awards.  Not following the same guidelines as the Oscars, more than one film can be considered per country.  Blue is the Warmest Color, Ernest & Celestine, and Renoir are among the five films that will represent the country of France.  Keanu Reeves’ directorial effort Man of Tai Chi will also compete for China/USA, but the film was received with very mixed reviews.

Other notable mentions include Like Father, Like Son and The Wind Rises representing Japan, and two films from the Philippines that include Transit and The Womb.

Check out the list down below.

Argentina: “The German Doctor” *
Australia: “The Rocket” *
Canada: “Another House”
Canada: “Gabrielle” *
Chile: “Gloria” *
Chile: “The Vineyard”
China: “Back to 1942” *
China/USA: “Man of Tai Chi”
China: “Fall of Ming”
China: “A Touch of Sin”
Czech Republic: “Burning Bush”
Denmark: “The Hunt” *
Finland: “Above Dark Waters”
Finland: “The Disciple” *
Finland: “”8-ball”
France: “Augustine”
France: “Blue is the Warmest Color”
France: “Ernest and Celestine”
France: “Populaire”
France: “Renoir” *
Germany: “Two Lives” *
Greece: “Boy Eating the Bird’s Food” *
Greece: “What If”
Hong Kong: “The Grandmaster” *
Hungary: “Aglaya”
Hungary: “The Notebook” *
India: “The Lunchbox”
Iran: “The Past” *
Israel: “Bethlehem” *
Italy: “The Great Beauty” *
Italy: “The Mother”
Japan: “Like Father, Like Son”
Japan: “The Wind Rises”
Latvia: “Mother, I Love You” *
Lebanon: “The Attack”
Mexico: “Instructions Are Not Included”
Mexico: “The Last Call”
Mexico: “We Are Nobles”
Moldova: “All God’s Children” *
Morocco: “Horses of God” *
The Netherlands: “The Broken Circle Breakdown” *
Norway: “I Am Yours” *
Palestine: “Omar” *
Peru: “The Cleaner” *
The Philippines: “Thy Womb”
The Philippines: “Transit” *
Poland: “Walesa. Man of Hope” *
Romania: “Child’s Pose” *
Russia: “Stalingrad” *
Saudi Arabia: “Wadjda” *
Senegal/France: “Tey” (“Today”)
Serbia: “Circles” *
Singapore: “Ilo Ilo” *
South Korea: “Juvenile Offender” *
Spain: “I’m So Excited!”
Spain: “15 Years + a Day” *
Switzerland: “More Than Honey” *
Turkey: “The Butterfly’s Dream” *