How I Met Your Mother Recap: 9.10 – “Mom and Dad”

27 Hours before the wedding.

Barney’s brother James finds Barney and Robin a replacement minister, his father, after their original one dies.  He asks Ted as his best man to hold a signed picture of Wayne Gretzky for Robin as his gift to her.  He finds the photo mysteriously smothered in his calligraphy ink spilled all over it and sets out to discover who sabotaged him in his Best Man duties, casting Billy Zabka as his number one suspect.  Zabka finally admit his sad story about how he tried to sabotage Ted and come to Barney’s rescue with a replacement photo to redeem his years of playing a bad guy in the 80’s.  Ted covers for Billy to let him have his one heroic moment.

Barney’s father arrives at the wedding and he gets carried away thinking his mom and dad are in love and getting back together.  He sets a crazy plan in motion to get them to rekindle, while James also tries to get his dad, the minister, to hook up with their mother.  They agree to stop pushing their dads on their mom, when they find her and the minister already on their way to wooing each other.