Must-Watch Live Action Short ‘Aningaaq’ – Companion Piece to ‘Gravity’


Jonas Cuaron co-wrote Gravity with his father, Alfonso, and in one important scene in the film, Sandra Bullock’s Dr. Ryan Stone reaches out and makes contact with someone via radio transmission. She shares a one-sided conversation with a man who does not speak English, and the two can only converse through dog noises and a song he is singing to his young child. Now see that scene from the reverse perspective, in a short film by Jonas Cuaron titled Aningaaq. The short was originally going to be used as an extra feature for Gravity‘s Blu-ray edition. The plans have changed, however, as Warners has already submitted the 6-minute film for Oscar consideration in the live-action short category. Aningaaq could make history if it is nominated in the Short category opposite Gravity in the Best Picture field, becoming the first two films derived from the same material to receive nominations in the same year.

Watch it!