The Big Bang Theory Recap: 7.09 “The Thanksgiving Decoupling”


For the first time in seven seasons of The Big Bang Theory, we get to see the entire gang “celebrate” Thanksgiving. I use Quotation Marks because the episode wasn’t really about celebrating the holiday, it was more about Sheldon getting drunk and us discovering that Penny has been married for some time now.

Howard has invited his friends to spend Thanksgiving at his mother’s house, also inviting Bernadette’s dad. Sheldon, of course, doesn’t want to go at first but eventually agrees. At first, he compares himself to a slave, being forced to do something that he doesn’t want to do, but then settles on a sofa to watch football with Bernadette’s dad and Howard. He ends up being a football wiz, shocking the two men. He proceeds to tell Bernie’s dad that he used to watch football with his own father until he passed away. It softens up Mr. Rostenkowski’s heart a bit and he shares a beer with Sheldon, making Howard extremely jealous. It will be the first of many beers that they share that day. Sheldon ends up getting so tipsy that he slaps Amy’s butt, asking her for more beer, and throws up a lot. All in all, he had a GREAT Thanksgiving. FUN FACT: Jim Parsons has won an EMMY for this show 3 times now, and each time he’s won, it’s been for an episode where his character gets drunk. If this is the episode he submits for next year….just saying.

Elsewhere this week, Penny lets it slip that she and her ex-boyfriend Zack had a “fake wedding” in Vegas a couple of Thanksgivings ago. She thinks it was fake, but every one knows that she is really married. So, hoping to get this  issue over with as soon as possible, she invites her ex to have dinner with them and to sign annulment papers. I just….this episode could have been way better for Penny and Leonard.

How did you feel about TBBT this week?