Empire Magazine’s Top Ten Of 2013 List

empire-logoAs I mentioned earlier this week, tis the season for the deluge of top ten lists! It’s the time of year where everyone wants you to know what was the best film of 2013, ourselves here at The Awards Circuit included. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for ours, but today we have Empire Magazine‘s list for your perusal. Obviously their release dates are a bit different than what we have over here in the states, but even still, they’ve managed a very singular list…including Iron Man 3. You can see their list below, and stay tuned for lots more to come!

Here’s the Empire Magazine Top Ten of 2013 list:

1. Gravity
2. Captain Phillips
3. Rush
4. Mud
5. Lincoln
6. Stoker
7. Iron Man 3
8. Before Midnight
9. The Great Beauty
10. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

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