Saturday Night Live Recap: 39.09 “John Goodman/Kings Of Leon”



So, it looks like SNL was once again trash this past weekend. John Goodman hosted for the trillionth and hopefully last time. If Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake weren’t teaming up this Saturday with such high expectations already in place and a black woman that will be added to the cast in January, I would say that the dark clouds will never part. Fortunately, there’s still hope.

The so-so:

An Address By President Obama: The first sketch of the night was probably expected. Kenan Thompson reminded us why he was still there, doing a very funny impersonation of the “sign language interpreter” opposite Jay Pharoah’s President Obama. It was a pretty good sketch and actually made me hopeful for the rest of the night. Obviously, asking SNL for more than one good moment a night is too much to ask for.

The ugly:

The Three Wise Guys: You put Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, and John Goodman in a sketch together. Is it supposed to be good or bad? Well, it’ll for sure be weird. It was both weird and awful. The men were obviously there to promote ‘Grudge Match’…..they didn’t do it very successfully.

Fire Safety: The last time we saw Nasim Pedrad’s now recurring character was a little over a month ago. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing Pedrad used at all, but this character didn’t have to come back so soon. Bill Hader’s Stefon sometimes went 3 or more months without being seen and it was always a joy to watch him return. That’s because we missed him, they haven’t given us a chance to miss this one yet.
Note— With the recent news that Lorne Michaels plans to add a black female cast member to the ensemble next month, I would like to say something. USE HER!!! Don’t just have her play Oprah and Whoopi, let her create her own characters and find her own voice on the show.

THIS SATURDAY: The clouds will, hopefully, part. Also, we’ll be saying goodbye to Seth Meyers, if dropping hints in the past few weeks are to be believed.


Will your expectations be high for SNL this coming weekend?