Saturday Night Live Recap: 39.10 “Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake”


Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, BOOM! Paul McCartney, BOOM! Madonna, BOOM! Barry Gibb, BOOM! New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, BOOM! All of these people appeared in the best episode of SNL this season, so far. There was really only one sketch that wasn’t very funny, but the rest of them were either good or very good.

The good to very good:

WrappingVille: So, the first sketch of the night brought back Justin Timberlake’s charity singing character. This time, Jimmy Fallon joined in on the fun. Now, I think that this could have been a lot better without Jimmy. This really is Justin’s sketch and I feel like it could have been a lot more. Having said that, Jimmy/Justin fans will savor this bit forever.

Monologue: It’s rare when I like a monologue that involves singing, but this was kind of nice. Jimmy does impersonations of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Paul McCartney. Paul makes an appearance during it and sings  with Fallon. Niiiice.

Family Feud Celebrity Edition: Again, Jimmy/Justin fans will eat this up, especially since Justin IS Jimmy here. However, this also could have been better. Several cast members just couldn’t hold their own against those two men, sad. All things considered, Jimmy and Justin’s pure cuteness more than makes up for the sketch’s faults.

The Barry Gibb Talk Show: My favorite sketch featuring the two men of the night. Fallon’s Gibb is something to behold. Madonna’s cameo was a little weird and out of place, but the real Barry Gibb’s appearance at the end made me forget about it.

Weekend Update: It looks like Seth Meyers is sticking around for at least a few more episodes. Michael Bloomberg showed up. Fallon also passed the baton to Seth and congratulated him for his new ‘Late Night’ gig. Sweet moment.

Waking Up With Kimye: I LOVE this sketch. Nasim Pedrad’s Kim and Jay Pharoah’s Kanye are hilarious! The audience was lousy during this one, there should have been more laughs.

Now That’s What I Call Christmas: Jimmy Fallon as Alan Rickman. That is all.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: The writers of the show were literally reading my mind this week. I was saying earlier how the lyrics to ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ should be made into an SNL sketch someday. Guess I got my wish, it was perfect.

The Christmas Carol parody was the only part of the night that wasn’t very funny, but I really have to commend SNL for doing a great show this week.

JANUARY 18: Drake/Drake. Why? I have no idea.

Did you enjoy the Fallon/Timberlake reunion?