2014 Oscar Predictions – Best Actor Updated!


Robert Redford in All is LostWelcome to the week of Oscar Prediction updates!  Yesterday I dropped the gauntlet on Best Picture and Best Director and have decided to move away from the prospect of Ridley Scott and his film The Counselor being crowned the best of the year.  Definitely not out the question yet but need to look elsewhere as other trailers are impressing and studios are beginning to push.

Today, the Lead Actor predictions were moved around.  It’s been said by many sources that Bruce Dern will be campaigned Lead for Nebraska so he joins the ranks of the final five however, not in the #1 spot.  Matthew McConaughey sits firmly at #1 unless screenings from Toronto crash and burn for Dallas Buyers Club.  Robert Redford moves up a spot to #2 with Dern closely behind.  In the end, those two may be going for the same slot reserved for a veteran.  Redford has the edge with the career he’s had and the type of performance he gives in J.C. Chandor’s All is Lost, allegedly.

Chiwetel Eijofor and Christian Bale round out the final five predicted.  The category, like in previous years, is getting stacked up.  I can already foresee a lot of great performances missing out on nominations at the end of the day.  Joaquin Phoenix moves up in the ranks considerably for Spike Jonze’s Her as does Forest Whitaker in Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

Check out the Lead Actor and the Top 40.  Check back tomorrow when Lead Actress takes on a new look given the recent “news.”

What are your predicted five for Lead Actor?