Top 10 of 2013 – The Editor’s Take on a Historic Year for Cinema

BestPicture_2013What a fantastic year.  Just so much to be grateful for with family, friends, good health, and so on but one thing is just an amazing year at the movies.   Creating a top ten list has never felt so daunting.  At least 25 films made a play for my list, looking solid at one point, but moving over at the next to make way for something else.  I love the movies and one thing I am unashamed to admit is that my feelings on my movies change, as yours do I’m sure.  What may be your #1 today may not be your #1 ten years from now.  I don’t know if that will be the case but I’m excited to share them with you.  Down below you will find them, along with excerpts from (most of) my reviews.

Here’s to a great year.  Include your top ten films in the comment section.

nebraska_2#10 – NEBRASKA (Paramount Pictures)
Directed by: Alexander Payne

Bruce Dern is perfectly used and exquisitely raw presenting the actor’s best outing of his career.  As the co-anchor of the story, Dern is finally given a chance to show what Hollywood has missed out on for over fifty years.  Touchingly reserved through most of the narrative, Dern allows Woody to open up to the audience for the briefest of moments that works beautifully.  It’s an Oscar-worthy performance.

Taken from my review of it from the New York Film Festival.

Disney-Animated-Movie-Frozen#9 – FROZEN (Walt Disney Pictures)
Directed by: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

Disney has truly outdone themselves this time.  Going back to their roots,  Disney has reinvented their signature storytelling abilities that made them great and the final result is one of the year’s most heartwarming motion pictures.  Frozen is an absolute dream and the year’s best animated film.  There are so many things to applaud in this inspired film from Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen.”  Accompanied with dazzling music by Christophe Beck and songs to simply gush over, this is destined to become a movie classic.

Taken from my review from early November.