Downton Abbey Recap: “Season 4, Episode 2”


It may seem like nothing of great importance happened on Downton Abbey this past weekend, because of dreadfully long scenes that didn’t seem to go anywhere, but think again. Something major, that could change the course of the show forever, happened to….

Anna — An old acquaintance of the family, Lord Gillingham, comes into town for a house party weekend. He brings along his valet, Mr. Green, who we can tell right away has an unusual thing going on with innocent Anna. She, of course, only sees him as a potential new friend, even when Bates has a bad feeling about this stranger. Mr. Green seems very nice at first, introducing a fun card game to Anna and fellow people residing downstairs. Since this is Downton Abbey though, no person is who they seem to be. When the entire family, including the servants, is upstairs enjoying the music of an opera singer, everything in Anna’s world changes. She’s downstairs in the kitchen when Mr. Green comes out of nowhere and violently attacks and rapes her in a room where no one can hear the poor girl scream. After the singing stops, Mrs. Hughes comes back downstairs to find Anna crying uncontrollably. The most innocent character on the show begs the older woman not to say anything to anyone, especially her husband. If Bates ever finds out about this, he’ll kill the valet and probably be hanged. Anna sees her husband later that evening, avoiding him and being unintentionally cruel to him, which raises his suspicions. Only time will tell if he ever discovers his wife’s secret….

Other things happened:

Mary —  The recent widow has a potential new suitor. Excluding his horrible taste in valets, Lord Gillingham seems like a fine man that seems to really care for Mary. Unfortunately, he’s committed to someone else it seems, so their journey won’t be easy.

The new ladies maid, Edna, is still not giving up on Branson, and gets him when he’s most vulnerable….and drunk. Edith at first seemed to have trouble getting her lover and father to connect, but when Gregson helps her father with a money situation, the man seems to suddenly approve of him. How very convenient……what a villain this character is turning out to be.

How did you feel about Anna’s big story?