Check Out the Trailer for ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ with Sam Rockwell


Olivia-Wilde-and-Sam-Rockwell-in-BETTER-LIVING-THROUGH-CHEMISTRY-618x400Here a film that’s been on my radar for some time. At one point supposedly set to star Jeremy Renner, the black comedy Better Living Through Chemistry instead scored Sam Rockwell, along with the likes of Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Ray Liotta, and Jane Fonda, among others. Now, we have a Trailer to take a gander at, and I must say…I’m underwhelmed. It doesn’t look bad or anything like that, but it’s missing something. Maybe it’s just a poor first look at the movie, but first impressions count, and this one is lacking. You can see for yourself below, and obviously the final product will be what matters, but I’m a wee bit disappointed. The flick comes out on March 14th (the day after my birthday), so we’ll find out soon enough what the score is here.

Take a look:

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