Downton Abbey Recap: “Season 4, Episode 3”



The main reason why we’ll watch Downton Abbey these days will be to see how Anna’s life changes. In this episode, things get more complicated for Anna and Bates, Mary and Lord Gillingham appear to be getting serious, Tom regrets his time with Edna, and cousin Rose encounters a nice black man……..

Anna is still having a hard time hiding her emotions after visiting valet Mr. Green raped her. The only people that know are Green, Anna, and Mrs. Hughes. Bates knows that something is up though, and the audience can already tell that he will find out eventually. Despite Mrs. Hughes insisting, Anna doesn’t plan on telling Bates anything. So, to insure that she doesn’t let her secret slip, and to insure that Bates doesn’t touch her, she asks to move back inside the house, away from him. I feel like their marriage is getting closer and closer to a heartbreaking end.

Mary is still being courted by Gillingham but she seems to have no interest. Then, when Tom and Rose go with her to London to stay with Aunt Rosamund, the man shows up to try to win her over again. After they come back to Downton, Gillingham shows up. This time, he proposes. Mary declines, she’s still not over Matthew. They say farewell, and I’m hoping that this is the last time we see him….and his valet.

While in London, Rose meets a kind African American male singer at a club who saves her from a drunken fellow. His name is Jack Ross, and I suspect that we will see him again soon.

Tom is regretting his one-night fling with ladies maid Edna. She, on the other hand, has no regrets. In fact, she wants him to promise her that he’ll marry her if she becomes pregnant with his child. Mrs. Hughes, as always, saves the day and makes Edna leave for good. She was never pregnant, but would find a way to have a child. There goes Tom’s only interesting storyline…. Thomas looked pretty excited about Edna leaving though. I wonder what he’s planning….