‘Gravity’ Wins Four 3D Society Awards

GRAVITY-B0You can file this one under the category of “duh”, but Gravity did quite well at the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society’s Creative Arts Awards on Tuesday. The film won four awards, called Lumiere trophies, at the ceremony there. One was for best live action 3D feature, one for the best stereography in a live action film, one for the best 3D scene of the year, and one for the best 2D to 3D conversion. The other real notable winner was Frozen, but it was a big night for Gravity mainly. You can see the whole list of categories and who won what below, but I would have bet the house on this one going down more or less like it did and only further confirms that Gravity is in line to win the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in March.

Here’s the full list of winners:

  • Live action 3D feature: Gravity (Warner Bros.)
  • Animated 3D feature: Frozen (Walt Disney Animation Studios)
  • Short 3D picture/narrative: Get A Horse (Walt Disney Animation Studios)
  • 3D documentary: Metallica Through The Never (Picturehouse Entertainment)
  • Theatrical Motion Picture – Outstanding 2D to 3D conversion: Gravity
  • 3D scene/moment of the year: Gravity
  • Stereography – live action: Gravity
  • Stereography – animation: Frozen
  • 3D Advertising: Olympic Ident. (BBC, UK)
  • 3DTV historical documentary: Inside the Mind of Leonardo (Sky 3D, UK)
  • 3DTV nature documentary: The Mountain’s Spirit – The Shennongjia Snub-Nosed Money (Shanghai Media Group, China)
  • 3DTV cultural documentary: Guo Mai (CCTV, China)
  • 3DTV – entertainment series: Little Cracker – Ghost Story (Sprout Pictures, UK)
  • 3DTV – sports: F1 Barcelona testing (Sky 3D, UK)
  • International feature-animation: Space Pirate Captain Harlock (Qtech, Japan)
  • International feature-live action: Present for You (Plus Heads, Japan)
  • International 3D live event: Mayday Nowhere (B’In Music, Taiwan)
  • International short – animated: Mr. Hublot (Zeilt Productions, Luxenbourg)
  • International short – live action: Lapse of Time (Kafard Films, France)
  • International entertainment – music: Des Roar (3D International Media Partners, Canada)
  • Jury Prize: Stalingrad – Russia (Columbia Pictures)
  • 4K documentary: Space: Unraveling the Cosmos (3net)
  • 4K entertainment: Breaking Bad (AMC)

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