Around the Circuit: January 26 – Feb 1


Two words: Oh boy. Let’s not even kid ourselves into guessing what the top story of the week was and just dive in, shall we?

Story of the Week:

In an unprecedented move, the obscure Oscar nomination for “Best Original Song” for faith-based film Alone Yet Not Alone was rescinded after it was discovered that former music branch head Bruce Broughton lobbied for his song in a manner that raised the question of having an unfair advantage. Guy Lodge from HitFix was among the first journalists to break the story, detailing both the reasons behind such an action and including a response from the obviously disappointed Broughton himself.

Best of the Rest:

Following the controversial announcement, Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly fame listed some other films whose Oscar nominations were also taken back. Some of these cases will really shock you (The Godfather‘s score? Oh dear…).

Gold Derby’s Daniel Montgomery offers up some insight into which contenders among the BAFTA “Best Actor” and “Best Supporting Actor” lineup are the odds-on favorites to win since Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto’s snubs take them out of the equation.

THR‘s awards analyst Scott Feinberg updates his Oscar predictions in the latest Feinberg Forecast…and guess who is still number one? Yep, despite the most guild wins, Feinberg still believes the spectacle of Gravity won’t be enough to topple the heartbreaking, history-making 12 Years a Slave. It looks like BAFTA might be where the power shifts for either of these two frontrunners.

Like Feinberg, Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone is firmly standing her ground by continuing to predict 12 Years a Slave for “Best Picture.” Sasha Stone chooses to listen to her gut instead of stats, which has worked in the past for some pundits. Remember 2011 when nobody wanted to jump aboard The King’s Speech train until the eleventh hour?

According to Pete Hammond from Deadline, the war between the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals is already brewing before the festivities even begin! Toronto is adamant that their “first four days” highlight world premieres, as in the first time people see the darn film. No exceptions, it seems, will be made.

Somewhat comical and slightly serious, Indiewire’s Peter Kneght and Matthew Hammett Knott release an article, titled “Oscar Bitchfest,” that opines which Oscar nominations (and wins) they’d want to rescind if given the opportunity. My beloved Crash is attacked, but how can you fault some of their other hilarious frustrations?