Downton Abbey Recap: “Season 4, Episode 4”



The only problem that I have with Downton Abbey this season is that nothing noteworthy has really happened to anyone except Anna and Bates. I understand that they will be front and center for probably the remainder of the season, but the other main characters deserve to have at least worthy subplots.

For example, why does Isobel always have to be helping other people out when she’s not even helping herself?  I wish that the writers could give her a more commanding role, as opposed to looking so depressed all the time. I get it, her son just died, but surely the writers can give her better storylines. Secondly, why does Mary have to be flocked with suitors at this time? First, it was Lord Gillingham, and now it seems it’s Mr. Napier. I also understand that she is expected to marry (for some reason) again in the future, but none of this flirting should be happening so soon. I’m surprised she even remembers she has a son actually. I love seeing her take charge of Downton, she doesn’t need a man in my opinion. Also, I’m kind of sad that Alfred wasn’t able to get a job as a chef, he’s a nice kid. But then again, the love square between him, Daisy, Ivy, and Jimmy is the only story the kitchen has this season….sad. Lastly, why is Molesley so annoying and ungrateful???

There were two things of interest I must point out about Episode 4:

Cora has a new ladies maid, Baxter, and it seems that Thomas helped her get the job. Of course, she is now forever in his debt and will have to be his spy now. Everything that she hears about Downton, she must report it to him. She doesn’t seem too thrilled about this though. Baxter seems lovely and nice, so I hope she doesn’t become evil.

Of course, I must talk about Anna and Bates. I think it was pretty obvious that Bates would find out about the rape eventually, didn’t think it would be so soon though. I’m glad they didn’t drag it out. The scenes between them were stellar. Anna decides to move back to their cottage. However, Bates, without his wife knowing, still intends to find out who’s responsible for the rape. Can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds!

What say you?