The Big Bang Theory Recap: 7.14 “The Convention Conundrum”


I really wanted to love this episode of Big Bang, specifically because I knew that James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher would be guest starring on it. However, this was probably one of the worst episodes this season. Sheldon didn’t act like….Sheldon, the other guys weren’t really given much to do, and the girls got a really poor storyline (a storyline that’s not even worth mentioning). I understand that this is now the “Sheldon Show”, and that’s great, but the writers shouldn’t leave the other characters out in the cold…

So, Sheldon and the guys are trying to get tickets to Comic-Con but have no luck. Sheldon then sets out to make his own convention, while the guys decide to buy scalped tickets to Comic-Con. Sheldon is trying to book a celebrity to appear at his “convention”, and gloats in advance that he’s going to go basically stalk ‘Star Wars’ star James Earl Jones at the restaurant he’s currently eating at. He meets James as a geeky fan and then, somehow, the two end up in a steam room together and pranking Carrie Fisher. I mean, you would never ever see Sheldon doing any of this stuff with anybody else. I wonder if the writers are trying to make his character more adventurous in a way, or if this unnatural behavior is just because he’s met one of his idols…..

Meanwhile, the other 3 men find a scalper but they start regretting it all of a sudden. They’re worried about the consequences of doing something like this, like getting banned from their favorite convention. Then, they toughen up, and then chicken out again when the scalper is knocking at their door. They just hope that he’ll leave and never come back. We never know what happens though, that’s a shame. Things work themselves out in the end though, because James invites Sheldon and all of his friends to go to Comic-Con with him.

Despite my feelings about the episode, I still know that an Emmy nomination for James Earl Jones is on the horizon!