Girls Recap: Ep 6 “Free Snacks”


Hannah decides it’s time for a career turnaround and quits her java gig to work for GQ Magazine. In last week’s episode, Hannah discovered her book deal was dead, so she attempts to get her writing career back on track. However, her new job is not as prestige as she’d hoped for. She’s hired as an advertorial writer – a low-stature job in the writing world.

On her first day at GQ, Hannah gravitates toward the snack room and takes advantage of the edible corporate perks. She seems nervous, but ends up excelling during a meeting and pitching a slew of ideas that gets her on her boss’ sweet side.

However, her home life is less inspiring. Hannah is frustrated with Adam’s lack of fortitude in finding a job and having to be the one putting food on the table – or in her case the junk food.

Hannah eventually blows her new post when she sees her future mirrored in her coworkers’ eroded aspirations and jadedness. She ends up unintentionally quitting and then having to beg for the job she doesn’t really want to be at in 10 years back.

Meanwhile, Ray tries to reconnect with Marnie after their awkward hookup last time. He calls her out of the blue, but Marnie seems unfazed by his attempts to form any kind of relationship. Despite his muffin-run and determined interest in reality television, Marnie isn’t letting him emotionally through.

They end up fighting again, this time in public. They struggle to have a normal conversation, Ray feels, due to their intellectual discrepancies. “I don’t understand how you can be so dumb?” he tells her. She barks back by pointing out his own hypocrisies, adding he claims he’s “too wise for grad school,” yet he works at a coffee shop (the same shop Marnie and Hannah recently resigned from). They decide to finish their meal together and continue their discussion – not out of want but out of fear of being alone.

Still devastated by her ex’s (Ray) unkindly adieu when they ran into each other at Hannah’s birthday party, Shoshana searches for a smart rebound by recruiting some guy, whose intelligence she passive-aggressively insults, at the library. Shoshana and her temporary beau hook up, all the while revealing one another’s intentions: she wants someone to relay her thoughts to and he just wants…well, it’s obvious.

Everyone’s relationship statuses are on thin ice, at this point. Even Hannah and Adam’s who’ve managed to stay together thus far. After Adam lands an audition, he’s excited for Hannah to get home to share his celebration, but she refrains stating she needs to work on her writing then passes out in the middle of their conversation.

It seems, even in the festivity of others’ happiness, all any of the characters on this show can really care about is their own desires.