Oscars 2014: Will Win/Should Win (Michael Balderston)



Will Win: Her

Should Win: Her

David O. Russell is due for a win, but it probably won’t come this year as Spike Jonze’s script for “Her” has charged to the front of the pack and it is hard to argue against it. Funny, original, and moving, “Her” is the complete package. “Hustle” is a whirlwind and is stuffed with great dialogue and characters, but it’s a little uneven. Jonze will get his first ever Oscar, and Russell will just have to wait.



Will Win: 12 Years a Slave

Should Win: Before Midnight

Should Have Been Nominated: Blue is the Warmest Color

“12 Years” will get its second trophy for John Ridley’s screenplay. It may have gone strangely unrecognized throughout the circuit, but that was because in cases where there was only one screenplay category “Her” or “American Hustle” would take the prize, and at WGA it wasn’t allowed to compete. It’s been the favorite forever, and the surging “Philomena” won’t be able to catch it like it did at BAFTA. However, “Before Midnight” is the best script, adapted or original, this year and it is a shame that after capping off a brilliant trilogy the series will still not have an Oscar to its name.