Girls Recap: S3 Ep.7 “Incidentals”


After the emotional fiasco from last week’s episode, “Beach House,” Hannah and the girls go back to their subjectively-normal lives.

The occupation-theme has seen its ups and downs in Hannah and Adam’s relationship. Hannah gets her first paycheck and decides to splurge a bit, buying some floral-motifed garb to show off. She also gets an interview with singer Patty Lapone, where she experiences the contractual and commercial obligations of her job when she writes an ad-piece promoting Stranova – a bone-density drug.

Meanwhile, Adam lands a part on Broadway and shares a moment of muffled-cries enthusiasm in the lavatory before joining his new audition waiting room buddy, Desi, on a bromantic motorcycle ride and eventually calls Hannah to let her in on the news.

An excited Hannah shares Adam’s excitement during her interview before Patty forwardly passes on some relationship advice. She warns Hannah that showbiz men are promiscuous (“even the Elephant man got laid”), and this sets her off on an avalanche of preliminary anxiety.

Hannah placates her new feelings by focusing on a hotel-piece her editor assigns, where she gets to stay overnight and invite some friends. She decides to throw a party for Adam, in celebration of his new gig. She brings along Elijah – yes, ex-Elijah – and Shoshana. Adam arrives, bringing along his new friend Desi, and is thoroughly surprised. Desi breaks out some folk songs on his guitar (because when you have a name like Desi, you carry around a guitar with you) and entertains the small congregation until Marnie makes a loud, abrupt entrance.

To back track a little, Marnie had a tough day (not that she deserves pity). She ran into a friend at a yogurt shop earlier and learned she’s starting her own business and opening a gallery, while Marnie had nothing of equal measure to share – she recently quit her java job and is surely being supported by her parents, at this point. When she visited Ray later, he decided he didn’t want them to continue “seeing” each other if it wasn’t serious. Marnie hides her devastation by being her usual cold, callous self but secretly is hurting because she knows she can never be what Ray wants – deep, sincere and challenging.

At the hotel, Hannah tries to comfort Marnie and asks her to open up, but Marnie refuses, saying she can’t tell Hannah, one of her best friends, why she’s upset. This further proves how malicious Marnie is; she’d rather clandestinely suffer than admit to someone close to her that she has feelings for a guy she thinks is below her.

Jenna, feeling suffocated by the insipidity of the tedious duties at a children’s clothing boutique, runs into a gentleman-friend from rehab at work. He convinces her that she’s a free-spirit and incites some other hippy philosophies and they both show up at Adam’s party high on cocaine. No one bothers to stop Jenna, or even be above mildly-disappointed. The inevitable relapse is predictable, and, hey, not a big deal when everyone else has their own personal drama to deal with. Typical Girls.

Hannah decides to confront Adam with her fears of his new job, and he assures her he won’t be the socializing type after each show. They appear on good terms, but it’ll be interesting to see if Hannah can deal with the pressure of having Adam hold a job. He’s usually the one waiting for her when she comes home from work and ready to listen to her problems. It might not be possible for Hannah to fully reciprocate.