Oscar Circuit: Best Original Screenplay

Screenplay Her

Nominee: Spike Jonze for Her
Oscar Scene: “You know what? I can overthink everything and find a million ways to doubt myself. And since Charles left I’ve been really thinking about that part of myself and I’ve just come to realize that we’re only here briefly. And while I’m here, I want to allow myself…joy.

So, fuck it.”

If anyone has a shot at defeating American Hustle in this category – and indeed he has a very real chance of doing that – it’s Spike Jonze, whose story of one man’s love affair with a sophisticated and endearing operating system has clearly hit a chord with several key bodies including the HFPA and the WGA. While I’m still hesitant about fully backing Jonze to actually go all the way with such an off-kilter premise, I will not complain at all if I end up being wrong. While not a perfect screenplay, Her has to my mind the most lovingly-drawn and rounded characters of the nominees, and explores its themes with a level of immediacy its competitors lack. The film is also seemingly the most popular among cinephiles as a whole, and even if it falls short on Oscar night is very likely to be the nominee everyone says should have won all along.