Sci-Fi Fridays, Episode 8: The Upside to Zack Snyder Part 1


Hell hath no fury like the wrath of angry moviegoers. Perhaps no current mainstream director has taken as much flack for their work as Zack Synder, the man behind 300, WatchmanMan of Steel, Dawn of the Dead, and of course the highly anticipated (if dreaded) Batman vs. Superman film. Oh, and that one movie our former colleague Michael Ward deemed as “A misogynistic, offensive, self-gratifying debacle,” Sucker Punch. Yeesh. So it goes without saying that for every ambitious project Synder tackles, his execution ends up bothering the vast majority to the point of outright hatred every time they hear his name attached to a major studio project. And yet…people still see his films, which makes Synder, in many ways, one of the most prominent figures in Hollywood that supports science fiction/fantasy/comic book material. Like it our not, he’s with us for the long haul, so in order to stomach his existence (which I know many of you would rather chill in that Kill Bill Vol. 2 coffin than endure another Snyder flick), I thought I’d go through his entire filmography and extract the good from each of his movies, culminating in this semi “In Defense” two-part article for Zack Synder. If we’re to move forward in harmony with Snyder, we’ll need to find an “upside” to his artistry. I’m here to convince you there is one in this first part of “The Upside to Zack Snyder.”