Top Ten Tuesday – Oscar Snubs of 1998


top101Debuting a few new series at the Awards Circuit this week, we have decided to venture off into the deep currents of Top 10’s.  Named “Top Ten Tuesday” for obvious reasons, this gives all of us an opportunity to examine not just film and Oscar snubs, but actor’s performances and screenwriter’s scripts, hell, even simple subject matter.  Teaming up with staff writer Terence, we will bring you a new list every week to discuss.

For this inaugural piece, I’ve decided to focus on the year 1998, as Sam did in his new series “Six Spot” that debuted yesterday.  As the Awards Circuit Community Awards continues to go back in time to look at every film year, the Oscar year that included two of my favorite films of all-time sticks out proficiently.  Like any Academy Awards lineup, you can also point out blatant omissions and head-scratching inclusions.  This will list the 10 biggest Oscar snubs of 1998.

Click through the list: