Six Spot #2: Best Picture 2008

The Six Spot

Without further ado, I think the Six Spot nominee would have been:

Joker The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight!

Why?  For two principal reasons: actors and tech branches.  While The Dark Knight failed to get a SAG Ensemble nomination, I think it’s foolish to dismiss the likelihood that many actors loved Heath Ledger’s all-time great performance, and therefore, might have migrated to the film.  Certainly, actors likely also leaned heavily towards Doubt, but I find it hard to believe that an actor looks at Ledger’s performance and isn’t insanely jealous and awed.

The second reason is the tech branches.  Doubt had zero below-the-line nominations, while the two other contenders–WALL-E and The Dark Knight–primarily had tech nominations.  Obviously, WALL-E got support from the music and sound branches, along with the writers and animators.  However, The Dark Knight could likely wrangle support from the editors, the cinematographers, the production designers, the sound editors, the sound mixers, the makeup artists, and the visual effects artists.  Indeed, despite its lack of a Best Score nominations, I’m sure Hans Zimmer managed to pull some votes toward The Dark Knight, too.

So, while Doubt likely got a ton of votes from the actors and WALL-E got a ton of votes from the below-the-line branches, I think it was The Dark Knight that could have managed votes from both contingents, thereby making it my staunch bet for the Six Spot.

What do you guys think?  What do YOU think was the Six Spot of the 2008 Best Picture race?  Was it The Dark Knight, WALL-E, Doubt, or someone else?  Sound off in the Comments!

Also, if you have any suggestions for future Six Spots, please suggest them in the Comments!