New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (4/01/14)


Anchorman-2-Poster-575x301This week, there’s really not too much to get excited about in terms of what’s coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Nothing especially screams out to you for an addition to your film library, at least in my eyes. That’s not to say that absolutely nothing good is hitting shelves today (since some of you may be fans of a particular title on the slate), but it’s a week that’s particularly low on excitement for me. There’s only one big release too for the week, so it’s as if today was a release date that no one really seemed to want. Basically, I was forced to choose between lesser works for my top pick this week, much smaller. In short, my PICK OF THE WEEK is a slightly forgettable if fairly amusing sequel that I’d normally not be thrilled to have in my top spot. That title will get its moment in the sun soon enough ladies and gentlemen, but until that moment arrives, lets focus in on some of the Vintage picks I have in mind that just might brighten you day a bit!

Vintage Viewing

scarlett-johansson-in-don-jon-movie-8In honor of this week’s release of Under the Skin (which I’m a big fan of…look for my review very soon, if it’s not up already by the time you read this), I’m going to cite five of my favorite Scarlett Johansson films. She’s an incredibly underrated actress in my book and is amazing in this new movie (as well as turning in a very solid performance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I saw last night and enjoyed a lot), but on DVD, you should look up the following this week: The Avengers, Don Jon, Lost in Translation, Match Point, and We Bought a Zoo. I’d of course have loved to have included Her, but it’s not out until May. Until then, those five flicks offer up a number of sides to Johansson, so check them out and then check out both of her new performances this weekend…

Films In Release

With nothing to recommend here besides my top pick (and I’m not even too excited about that one), here’s just a more or less simple rundown of what movies are coming out and hitting shelves today. Here you go:

47 Ronin

An incredible waste of money, this Keanu Reeves samurai flick is misguided almost every single step of the way. I reviewed it here and potentially was even kinder than I should have been, but I don’t really see any reason to pick this one up. You can do better, plain and simple…

Box Office: $38,362,475

At Middleton

I didn’t see this indie romantic dramedy, but I’ve heard decent things. Had I gotten around to it, perhaps this week would have been more well rounded than it is? Well, we’ll never quite know…unless of course we seek it out. I just might, so feel free to do so as well.

Box Office: $53,837 (and counting)

BagMan_605x403The Bag Man

A weird little thriller with shades of David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino, I didn’t quite know what to make of it when I reviewed it (said review is right here), but it’s odd enough to almost be worth seeing. I’m not recommending it, mind you, but if you’re in the mood for something different, this could be an option…

Box Office: $56,574 (and counting)

Knights of Badassdom

I didn’t see this fantasy/horror comedy hybrid, but it’s another one that I’ve heard okay enough things about. If the concept sounds like something you might like, go give it a shot. I certainly won’t stop you.

Box Office: $123,854

TV Releases

Broadchurch: The Complete First Season
I Dream of Jeannie: Seasons 1 & 2
News Radio: The Complete First and Second Seasons
Psych: Season 8
T.J. Hooker: The Complete First and Second Seasons


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

anchorman-2-the-legend-continues-second-trailer-01Even though I’m not too wild about the first one, Will Ferrell is undoubtedly amusing as Ron Burgandy, so anything he does with that character is worth a look. I’m pretty curious about the special edition with over 700 new jokes that almost functions as an entirely different movie, so while I didn’t go see that cut when it had a brief theatrical run, I am likely to check that out on Blu-Ray. In a weak slate like this one this week, a comedy such as this sequel really does stand out. Even if mostly by proxy, this is the best of the bunch coming out today…

Special Features: Audio Commentary, Deleted/Extended Scenes, Featurettes, and much more…
Total Box Office: $125,168,368
Major Award: None

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!