Circuit 3: Current Television Shows


TV is the new cinema. Or at least that’s what people have been trying to get us to believe for years. It’s hard to deny that television is harvesting the finest narratives, characters, and performances it has ever yielded before (this coming from someone who usually prefers the classics over modern fare), with networks like AMC, F/X, and HBO delivering pretty consistent entertainment in areas that network TV was never able to go.

Speaking of network TV (NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, etc.), I’d argue that in this golden era of television, network programming is at an all-time low. Now before you Scandal fans bite my head off, I’m not saying there aren’t a few decent/good programs still on the major networks, I’m just saying the best stuff is mostly (if not all) on the premium channels.

Hell, TV isn’t even just about networks anymore. With corporations like Netflix delivering amazing shows (House of Cards; Orange is the New Black) that you can stream the entire seasons at once, it’s easy to see that TV as we knew it before has changed forevermore. On top of this, A-list stars, writers, and directors (including several Academy Award winners) are now a major part of the TV world, boosting the level of production we are getting on the small screen. The stigma of going from the world of film to television not only no longer exists, but is now a welcomed commodity.

So maybe they’re right about TV being the new cinema.

This week we are asking you to rank the three best television series on TV right now. Sorry Breaking Bad fans (of which I am a huge one), that one no longer is eligible. What is the best currently running series on TV?

My Circuit 3 for the best Current Television Shows:

  1. Mad Men (quite possibly my #1 of all-time, depending on how it ends)
  2. True Detective (even after just 8 episodes, it is impossible for me to leave it off my list)
  3. Game of Thrones (one day, I’ll understand what is going on, until then, I’m highly entertained)

What do you think are the best shows on TV?