Six Spot #10: Best Supporting Actress 2008

The Six Spot

 Amy Adams Doubt

Amy Adams, Doubt

I have such doubts about this pick!

Suffice it to say, the 2008 race for Best Supporting Actress was a weird one. Despite there being a handful of other nominees here and there, Winslet, Cruz, Henson, Davis, Adams, and Tomei were really the only six women with a shot at a nomination. This is no surprise. But what makes it weird is that the one who was left out, wasn’t left out!

But how’d I land on Adams? Henson could be the Six Spot, but I think general love for the film—13 nominations!—helped pull her along, not to mention she—unlike Blanchett—had the showiest role in the entire film.

So it’s really down to Tomei and Adams in my book, and it’s a coin toss. Tomei’s cons are that she rode in on a struggling film that ended up with only two Oscar nominations. Adams, on the other hand, was in a film that landed not only four acting nominations, but a screenplay mention. Tomei missed SAG (who didn’t award Rourke, either, paving a small path for an eventual Sean Penn victory. Translation? SAG didn’t like The Wrestler). On the other hand, Adams isn’t showy and nor was she ever the MVP in her film. Tomei had the veteran status going in her favor, but when is that ever a bonus for a woman in Hollywood?

Ultimately, I think it can just come down to passion. Adams likely had straggling votes following those who opted for Davis. Unlike Tomei, I doubt Adams had many #1 votes or many passionate supporters. So, for those reasons, I land with Amy Adams as the Six Spot.

What do you guys think? Who do YOU think was the Six Spot of the 2008 Best Supporting Actress race? Was it Tomei, Adams, or Henson? Sound off in the Comments!


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