We now have our First Look at Ben Affleck as Batman


batman-vs-superman-ben-affleck-batmobile-sliceFresh off of seeing our first look at the Batmobile as a start to the week, now we have a glimpse at Ben Affleck as the new dark knight. This is once again coming from Zack Snyder‘s twitter feed, and he has a few different shots of Affleck as Batman. I don’t think anyone is going to be annoyed by this take on the caped crusader, at least in terms of the visuals, but I don’t know that anyone (aside from Kevin Smith) is over the moon about it either. Personally, I think it looks very solid, but I’m more concerned about what the movie itself will be like. Take a look at the images below and stay tuned for tons more about Batman vs Superman (or whatever it winds up being called) over the next year and change…

Here are the images:

batman-vs-superman-ben-affleck-batmobile-600x399 ben-affleck-batman-image-batman-vs-superman-597x600Thoughts? Discuss in the comments!