Nicolas Winding Refn next film will be ‘I Walk With The Dead’

Nicolas-Winding-Refn_galleryphoto_paysage_stdI know that filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn is becoming a bit of a love him or hate him type of figure, but I seem to have gone the opposite route as most. While I was very much kept at arm’s length with Bronson and Valhalla Rising for example (which plenty of folks love), I’ve been all about Drive and Only God Forgives, the latter of which received a bit of a critical thrashing last year. As such, I’m excited for whatever he chooses to do next, and of the many projects he’s been contemplating, he’s apparently settled on his purported all female horror film I Walk With The Dead. Once presumed to star Carey Mulligan, it’s an intriguing idea that I’m sure will be super stylized. You can see Refn’s tweet confirming below, and stay tuned to see if Mulligan actually signs on…

Here’s the tweet:

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