Top Ten Tuesday: Best Performances in the Movie Musical (Since 2000)

JerseyBoys_imageTOP TEN TUESDAY: Coming later this week, Clint Eastwood gets his hands on the dark shadows of the world and infuses them into the adaptation of the Broadway hit Jersey Boys.  An all-star cast of relative unknown household names will grace the screen.  In celebration of the movie musical, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the ten best performances in the movie musical since 2000.  When Chicago bested Roman Polanski’s The Pianist and Stephen Daldry’s The Hours, many deemed it the return of the musical.  Since then, films have crept into a Best Picture like Les Miserables but many have gone unnoticed.  There’s also different definitions and interpretations of what constitutes the “movie musical.”  You can throw films like Ray by Taylor Hackford and Walk the Line by James Mangold, instances where some of the actors did their own singing, into a “musical” category.  However, this list won’t be as comprehensive or matching to my own thoughts on other given award years.  You can call this an underrated or underappreciated list if you’d like.

Read below.