Aaron Sorkin to Adapt the Michael Lewis book ‘Flash Boys’


aaron-sorkin_320I love Aaron Sorkin dialogue. Much as it’s very showy, I love how it works within just about any medium, be it the world of news, politics, or sports. Now, it seems like Sorkin might be bringing that to the world of finance, as he’s in talks to write the adaptation of the Michael Lewis best seller Flash Boys, about the practice of high-frequency trading on Wall Street and how it became a tool that less savory individuals used to rig the system in their favor. I sort of imagine a less extreme and wittier version of The Wolf of Wall Street in my head. Sorkin had success wit Lewis’ words before when he stepped in to work on Moneyball late in the gameand helped that one become an Oscar contender, so I’m all about this news. I’d love to see Sorkin finally direct his adaptation of The Candidate, about John Edwards, but this is good too. You can see more below, and stay tuned for more on this one in the near future, I’m sure, as well as his Steve Jobs project that Danny Boyle is directing.

Here’s the story from The Hollywood Reporter:

Aaron Sorkin is in negotiations to adapt Michael Lewis’ best-selling book Flash Boys for Sony.

The project marks the second Lewis book that the Oscar-winning writer of The Social Network has tackled for Sony (he’s also a co-writer of the screenplay for Moneyball).

In April, Sony acquired the nonfiction book that deals with the practice of high-frequency trading on Wall Street and how it became a way to rig the system. Lewis’ book revolves around a group of men on Wall Street including Sergey Aleynikov, a one-time programmer for Goldman Sachs, and Brad Katsuyama, the founder of IEX, the Investor’s Exchange.

Scott Rudin and Eli Bush are producing the film. Rudin, who has his first-look deal at Sony, executive produced Moneyball.

Rudin and Sorkin are frequent collaborators, having worked together on Social Network and the HBO series The Newsroom. They also have an untitled Steve Jobs project in the works at the studio that Danny Boyle is directing.

Lewis’ book was published March 31 and became an immediate best-seller.

Sorkin is repped by WME.

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