Chaz Ebert and Steve James talk about ‘Life Itself’

10462906_10100133005592683_4160659250892407817_nWithout question, Life Itself is my favorite film of the year so far. As such, I was thrilled to be able to take part in the recent press day for the flick about the late great Roger Ebert in whatever way possible. It’s such a powerful documentary (there’s a scene involving a flight of stairs that will break your heart) as well as a fitting tribute to a giant of the medium, I couldn’t not sit down for a roundtable with filmmaker Steve James and Roger’s widow Chaz Ebert. Due to time constraints, a group of us were placed together for the aforementioned roundtable with Chaz and Steve, leading to a situation where I wasn’t really able to ask a question. I did talk briefly with Chaz, as you’ll hear below, but mainly I wanted to share the audio with you as some very good stories are told. Life Itself is beginning its theatrical run this week, and you should make it your business to see the doc. Not only is it the frontrunner in the Best Documentary Feature field, it’s a movie that I’m going to be hoping gets at least some consideration for Best Picture. Yup, Life Itself is that good.

Here’s the roundtable audio:

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