Here’s the First International Trailer for Stephen Daldry’s ‘Trash’

trash_1-620x346Regardless of what you think of his work to date, Stephen Daldry is a filmmaker who just seems to always have his movies get nominated for Best Picture. His near historic run will be challenged this year as his latest flick Trash seems less like awards bait than usual from him. The film stars Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen, and the First Trailer has dropped, which you can see below (there aren’t subtitles yet though, so take note of that). It looks interesting enough, if not like anything particularly to write home about. One of the writers here is Richard Curtis though, so that’s an aspect that appeals to me at least. Trash still has no official release date, so stay tuned for more on this one, but take a gander at the Trailer now.

Here you go:

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