New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (7/22/14)

BlueRuin_Quad_ArtLRThis week, we have a ton of things hitting shelves, highlighted by one of the more interesting films that I’ve seen so far this year. It’s a full slate of Blu-Ray/DVD releases today, so we won’t have any shortage of things to sort through either. There are only a few films really worth mentioning, so the quality might not be insanely high, but the quantity factor is certainly here in spades this week. My top pick was between a well regarded yet under seen indie and a poorly received yet underrated (as well as under seen) action flick. For my PICK OF THE WEEK, I opted to go with the more prestigious movie, which is probably the best bet, at least when you see what they both are. We’ll get to that in a few though…now’s the time for Vintage picks though, so that’s what we’ll get into now!

Vintage Viewing

few-north-prezIn honor of this week’s release of And So It Goes (which I see on Wednesday), I figured I’d go with a pair of my favorite Rob Reiner flicks. They are A Few Good Men and The American President, both of which I can re-watch over and over again. I’ve cited them both in the past here, so I won’t sell you too hard on them again, except to say that it’s a good time to revisit either. You also need to see North if you haven’t, but for a completely different reason…in all seriousness though, check those other two out if you somehow have never seen them.

Recommended Movies

The other title here that I’m about to discuss for a brief moment isn’t as good as my top choice, or even close, but it is still certainly worthy of a bit of discussion, so that’s what I’ll be doing now:


sabotage-2014-image-19Up until it kind of goes off the rails in the third act, this an effective if dark spin on And Then There Were None/Ten Little Indians. David Ayer ups the gore level more than you’d expect and Arnold Schwarzenegger actually gives one of his best performances here. It’s hardly a great movie, but it’s better than the reviews suggested. I’d say give this one a shot…you’ll likely be surprised by it.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Alternate Endings, and more
Total Box Office: $10,508,518
Major Awards: None, and don’t expect a single one

Other Films Being Released

Here now is a rather simple list of just what else is hitting shelves on this particular day, sans my own personal recommendation. Behold:

All Cheerleaders Die

This latest horror effort from Lucky McKee is decently entertaining, but the filmmaker has done so much better before, you can’t at least partially be disappointed here. It’s one that genre fans might enjoy, but it will likely leaving you wanting more, to one degree or another…

Box Office: N/A

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

I’ll be getting around to this Robin Williams vehicle in the next few days, but I haven’t heard good things about this one. I like him though, so I’m willing to give it a shot. Perhaps you are too? Just keep your expectations in check.

Box Office: N/A

Cesar Chavez

I found this biopic to be lacking in the sort of passion you’d think it would be overflowing with. In my review (found here), I said: “Competently made and undoubtedly well intentioned, perhaps almost to a fault, actor/filmmaker Diego Luna‘s Cesar Chavez is the sort of generic biopic that never truly establishes a reason to exist”. That’s this movie in a nutshell.

Box Office: $5,571,497

Dom-Hemingway-Official-Poster-Banner-PROMO-BANNER-16JANEIRO2014Dom Hemingway

Another one I’ll be getting around to in the coming days, I’ve heard very mixed things. I know some are very fond of it, while our own Robert Hamer loathes it. Where will I fall? Who knows? As for you…it’s up to you, really.

Box Office: $523,511

Heaven is for Real

I’ll be blunt…you were never going to get me to watch this one, especially after I subjected myself to God’s Not Dead already this year. Audiences flocked to it, so good for them, but in my case, no thanks.

Box Office: $91,080,557 (and counting)

Make Your Move

I don’t care for dance movies, so this was never one I was going to bother with. Going by the box office, most of you didn’t bother either. Not sure if it’s actually any good, but it’s hardly something folks seemed interested in…

Box Office: $125,106

The Suspect

This foreign title is one I wasn’t really aware existed, so it slipped below my radar. If you were one of the precious few who actually saw it, feel free to let me know if I’m missing out at all.

Box Office: $218,693


An incredibly disappointing experience, I wrote in my review (found right here) the following:

” Individual moments in cinematographer Wally Pfister‘s directorial debut work pretty well, and the film is chock full of ideas, but far too few of them successfully are extrapolated on. A lot of the problem lies in the script by Jack Paglen, which deserves an A for effort but closer to a C or a D for execution. Paglen gives Pfister very little in the way of characters to work with, despite an A list cast, they’re more ciphers than anything else, devoid of human touches and personality”.

I didn’t care for this one at all.

Box Office: $23,022,309

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club

I pretty much avoid Tyler Perry movies, and this one was no exception. I have no idea if it was a better or worse offering from him than usual, but if you want to give it a shot, I won’t stop you…

Box Office: $15,973,881

TV Releases

Daktari: The Complete Third Season
Doctor Who: Series 4, Part 1
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – Season 5
Tanked: Season 1
Wahlburgers: The Complete First Season [EDITOR’S PICKS]
Wilfred: The Complete Third Season
Xena Warrior Princess: Season Five


Blue Ruin

BlueRuin1One of the reasons I made sure to pop this one in early was Robert’s heavy recommendation. In his review, he wrote this about the movie: “Films like Blue Ruin are why I love independent cinema. We at Awards Circuit have covered Kickstarter projects before, but this crowdfunding effort managed to come together with no established franchise or even a recognizable name behind it, and will almost certainly stand out as one of the high water marks of the platform’s history for a long time. The donors who helped make this taut thriller happen spent their money wisely, and it more than justifies your own time and money“. I second everything that he said. It’s a taut thriller with a run of dark humor within it that really makes the flick stand out. Give it a shot…I have a feeling that you’ll be grateful you did.

Special Features: Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Making Of, and more
Total Box Office: $258,384 (and counting)
Major Award: None yet, but certain independent precursors could cite it…

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!