Top Ten Tuesday: Faux Oscar Trailers of the 90’s


I’m not sure if I’ve been as excited for a “Top Ten Tuesday” more than this one.  This is actually one that might span over two separate editions because there were so many to bring up.  The video above probably says it all.  Simple enough, trailers are a gateway to Oscar prognosticating, not assuming it to be smart but we pundits often make ballsy predictions on the basis of a two-minute clip reel.  Trailers today tend to be a bit more strategic about what they choose to show, unfortunately even giving away plot points that could have played better on the initial movie watching experience otherwise (I’m looking at you “Gravity”).

This edition will focus on ten films, that if released today, would fool many (if not ALL) pundits early in the Oscar predicting season.  You can look at this list either two ways: move these films to today or move the internet in its current state to the film’s time period.  This set will focus on movies from the 1990’s.  You will see the trailer that premiered and without thinking about what the final product actually was, think to yourself?  Would you have thrown this in several prediction categories?  You’d be surprised how savvy these marketing people were in the 90’s.

It should be said, we think we know Oscar very well now.  They typically don’t go for horror or thrillers but take these films into this time period but with the same Oscar history.  A film like The Silence of the Lambs just won the top five at the Academy Awards just a few years ago.  There have also been things like a western directed by Clint Eastwood, an actor-turned-director charming, and an urban film that produced the first African-American/youngest director nominee.  You’d be foolish not to be fooled by some of these pictures.

Obviously sites like didn’t exist since the internet was in diapers at the time and just learning to stand on its own.  Some of the films listed could be some of your favorites.  Don’t think about the actual movie.  Think about what the talk would have been on the site at this point in the year.

No Showgirls isn’t on the list.  The only one that probably thought that it was going to be an Oscar-winner was Elizabeth Perkins.

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