New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (8/26/14)

trust-me-2013-poster-640x360This week, we have a fairly mixed bag of releases hitting shelves, highlighted by a couple of titles that are lightly pleasurable. All in all, it’s a somewhat mediocre slate of Blu-Ray/DVD releases today, but with two films that stand out at least. There are a few movies definitely worth mentioning here (basically my recommended picks), so the quality isn’t too low, which fits with the fairly large quantity on display. My top pick was an easy one today, so that’s nice. For my PICK OF THE WEEK, I’m recommending a festival title that really never got the audience that it truly deserved to have gotten. We will get to it in a few though, I promise you that. Now however is the time for Vintage picks, so that’s what we’ll get into right now!

Vintage Viewing

the matador 1In honor of this week’s release of The November Man, I wanted to cite a Pierce Brosnan performance. Personally, I think you really can’t go wrong with The Matador, an underrated comedy that really let Brosnan loose. He’s phenomenal in the lark, playing a unique hit man. It’s a black comedy for sure, but it’s often very funny. Many of you have seen it, I think, but many of you haven’t as well, so it’s a perfect selection for this week. Definitely pop it in…you won’t regret it.

Recommended Movie(s)

The other title here that I’m going to discuss for a very brief moment certainly isn’t as good as my top choice at all, but it’s worthy enough of a small bit of discussion, so that’s what I’ll be doing right now:

The Love Punch

5277_3960Speaking of Pierce Brosnan, he has a romantic crime caper comedy (if that’s even a thing?) hitting shelves today. This flew under the radar for me during its theatrical run, but I got an early copy of the DVD sent my way, and found it to be pretty enjoyable. I showed it to my 81 year old grandfather as well (the one I sometimes refer to since he’s sort of my proxy Academy member) and he thought it was cute. To quote him, he said it “doesn’t give you any heartburn”, which is a fairly accurate description. Especially if you like Brosnan (or co-star Emma Thompson, for that matter), this is one to check out…

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: $266,588
Major Awards: None yet, and don’t expect any

Other Films Being Released

Here now is a fairly simple list of just what else is hitting shelves on this particular day, sans my own personal recommendation. Behold:


I hadn’t heard of this suspense flick until now, though it does apparently feature Edward Furlong. Good for that guy getting work, you know? I have no clue if this movie is any good, but feel free to give it a look for yourself…

Box Office: N/A

Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlaas

Aside from a pretty odd title, I know nothing about drama. It has Mads Mikkelsen in a lead role though, so that could be appealing to certain folks out there. The box office cume was rather meek, so perhaps it’ll have a second life on home video?

Box Office: $3,313


A first half release I really need to get around to watching in full, there was some Oscar buzz surrounding this costume drama. Most of it has faded, but anything is possible once the precursor season begins. Stay tuned on this one, but I imagine this could be another viable option for many of you, so don’t let my lack of an endorsement stop you…

Box Office: $10,722,990 (and counting)


I sometimes laugh at Adam Sandler movies more than most, but I didn’t get a chance to see this one, so I don’t know how ashamed I’d be of my giggles. Audiences ignored this one though, so perhaps this sort of Sandler outing could be coming to an end. He’s got some dramas headed our way in the next few months, so hopefully that’s the case. As for this one…do as you see fit.

Box Office: $46,280,507 (and counting)

Blood Glacier

A horror flick that I’ve never heard of, the lack of a box office makes me think that many of you haven’t heard of it either. Hardcore fans of the genre could want to give this a shot, but I’d imagine that many of you will pass it up for other options.

Box Office: N/A

The Double

The-Double-2014Despite some really good festival reviews, I found myself disappointed by this one. In my review (found here), I wrote this:

“I have a feeling in my gut that I’m going to be in the minority when it comes to this particular film, much like I used to be with many of the works of the Coen Brothers. A lot of folks are going to love The Double in a big way, but for a few reasons I was left in the cold by it, by and large. Yes filmmaker Richard Ayoade continues to show a lot of promise and I’m eager to see what he does next, but I never found an entrance point into this tale of doppelgangers and identity, so it seemed like a joke that I wasn’t let in on. The humor wasn’t funny to me, the bleakness was numbing, and everything except the admittedly excellent performance(s) by Jesse Eisenberg left me wanting more. I’m sure it’s possible that another viewing at some point in the future might result in a different take on the movie, but right now I don’t get the fuss. A hybrid of Brazil, Eraserhead, and earlier this year’s Enemy, Ayoade’s second flick is undoubtedly ambitious, but the intriguing presentation doesn’t resulting in compelling execution”.

Many of you might dig it, but I just didn’t…

Box Office: $200,406 (and counting)

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Perhaps thankfully, I missed this bomb, but I did not hear good things at all. I guess if you have small children, this could be viable as a purchase, but I’d have to think you have better options at home already than this movie.

Box Office: $8,462,027

Young & Beautiful

A drama from the director of Swimming Pool, I wanted to see this film but just never got around to it. I might get around to it now, and feel free to join me if you’re at all interested in this one…

Box Office: $52,804

TV Releases

Almost Human: The Complete Series
Criminal Minds: Season 9
Haven: The Complete Fourth Season
The League: The Complete Season Five
The Normal Heart (TV Movie)
Portlandia: Season 4
Revenge: The Complete Third Season
Sons of Anarchy: Season Six
The Twilight Zone (1980s): The Complete Series
The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season


Trust Me

Trust-meI first saw this one back at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, though it only hit theaters this summer. I wrote a positive review (found right here) in which I wrote the following about the film:

“Though not on the same high level as his directorial debut Choke was (at least for me, since I’m a huge fan of both the book and the film adaptation), actor/filmmaker Clark Gregg shows us that he’s a real multi-hyphenate with his sophomore project Trust Me, a Hollywood satire with a lot going for it. Gregg has cast the film quite well, including placing himself in the lead, a place I wish the actor found himself in more often than he currently does outside of his television series. He’s not shy about making his character at least somewhat unlikable, and a film looking to skewer tinsel town like this one really needs to have that. Gregg is specifically looking at the world through the eyes of a talent agent, notably in terms of their relation to child stars, and that also gives this flick a different angle to work from. For about an hour, this is a really strong black comedy, and even if the final third goes in a different direction that I didn’t like quite as much, this is still a very solid movie and one of the better things that I saw a year ago at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. Trust Me was quality then, and it’s quality now”.

You can also check out my interview with Clark Gregg here, but regardless, this is one to pick up. Trust me…see what I did there? Good.

Special Features: N/A
Total Box Office: None reported, though it did have a theatrical run
Major Award: None yet, and sadly I don’t expect any either for this one

What will you be watching this week? Discuss in the comments!