Kate Winslet and Chiwetel Ejiofor to star in ‘Triple Nine’, Set for Fall 2015


Distinguished actors Kate Winslet and Chiwetel Ejiofor will join an impressive cast that includes Aaron Paul, Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie and Woody Harrelson for John Hillcoat’s next film titled Triple Nine. The police thriller follows a group of corrupt cops who are blackmailed into performing a daring heist. The film gets its name from the code “999” which means “officer down”, a reference to a murder at the heart of the plot. John Hillcoat is no stranger to films about men on the wrong side of the law (Lawless, The Proposition), so this feels right in his wheelhouse. The film has already lined up a prime release date, so it definitely looks promising.

Triple Nine will hit theaters September 11, 2015.