Watch the New International Trailer for Stephen Daldry’s ‘Trash’

trashFilmmaker Stephen Daldry has a perfect record when it comes to getting his films nominated in the Best Picture category, with his own work coming along for the ride in Best Director more often than not. As such, whenever Daldry has a new movie out, you have to at least consider it as an Oscar contender in the major categories. His latest flick is Trash, a potentially edgier than usual outing for the director. Starring Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen (among others), it’s a high energy drama that is nothing if not a change of pace for Daldry. Adapted by filmmaker Richard Curtis, this doesn’t strike me as a likely Academy Award nominee, but as mentioned above, you can’t doubt this guy. A New International Trailer for the film has hit the internet, and you can see it below, but without a U.S. release date still, the movie might wind up not coming out until 2015. Either way, I’m sure the flick will at least be thought of as an awards player until further notice. Take a look at the Trailer for Trash and stay tuned to see if it winds up coming out at all this year. If it ends up a 2014 release, we’ll have lots more on it, and even if it’s not out until next year, we’ll cover it then too…

Here’s the Trailer:

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