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Reese Witherspoon opens Telluride to ‘WILD’ raves


At 4 o’clock, Telluride attendees sat down for the kickoff film of the festival: Jean-Marc Vallée’s Wild.  Last year, Vallée directed two actors to Oscar-winning performances (Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto).  Will he do the same this year, but with two ladies?  Early word seems to be that Reese sizzles, Dern is good, and the film solid.  We shall see.  For now, here were some instant Twitter reactions:

And of course the stellar review from The Hollywood Reporter:

“The popularity of Strayed’s book and the strong performance by Reese Witherspoon should ensure an audience for the movie and bring more accolades to the director, as well as to screenwriter Nick Hornby”

And interesting, we might have the early buzz on a Best Animated Short Film contender?