‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Confirmed to Compete in Original Screenplay for the Oscars

postfull-creating-the-world-of-the-grand-budapest-hotel-wes_ralph_tony_detThere are going to be a lot of these this year, “straddlers” between lead and supporting, original and adapted, contender or pretender.  One of the question’s answered today is one that not too many people had but has been confirmed nonetheless.  Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel opened to outstanding reviews in early March.  When released, many pundits, including myself, were thrown off by the “Stefan Zwig (inspired by the writings of)” credit that precedes it on the film’s iMDB page.  It suggested that the quirky comedy may be deemed an Adapted work, which would increase its chances considerably.  A representative from Fox Searchlight has confirmed that the film is deemed “Original” with “Story By” credit for Wes Anderson & Hugo Guinness, as many had previously speculated.

Anderson’s film will now firmly join a competitive sea of films that include Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, David Ayer’s Fury, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and fellow Fox Searchlight helmer Birdman by Alejandro González Iñárritu.  Of the two screenplay categories this year, Original Screenplay seems to be the thicker of the two in terms of competitive talent.  There may be unforseen casualties in the category just based on sheer mathematics.  

At this juncture, as we prepare to enter some real awards season heat, the film stands a possibility for a screenplay mention along with Ralph Fiennes in a very crowded Best Actor field.  On the technical front, The Grand Budapest Hotel will probably pop up within the guilds and find some traction by the different branches, most notably Production Design, Costume Design, and Original Score.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is currently available on Blu-Ray and DVD.