First Official Image of the Batmobile from ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

75No matter what you think of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you have to admit that Warner Brothers and filmmaker Zack Snyder are doing a very fine job of teasing out looks at the movie. Yesterday, the latest reveal came out from the Twitter feed of Snyder himself, who gave us a full look at the Batmobile. Yes, the Caped Crusader’s vehicle has now been seen, and I think it looks kind of badass. Even more so than the Tumbler that Christopher Nolan gave us for his Batman trilogy, this version appeared to be a straight up military vehicle. I can definitely see Ben Affleck trying to take on Superman in this one. It’s very intense, that’s for sure. With just under two years still to go before this one comes out (yup, the film is still that far off), there will be plenty of other reveals in the next year and change, but until we get a trailer, this sort of teasing is just fine in my book. You can see the actual Tweet off of Snyder’s Twitter account below, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is making its way to us, slowly but surely. Stay tuned for more look at the flick as they come to us…

Here’s the Tweet from Snyder:

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