First Image from Drake Doremus’ ‘Equals’ with Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult

equals-kristen-stewart-nicholas-hoult-sliceOne movie that I’d say is flying way below the radar but deserves a bit more of a look is the upcoming Drake Doremus film Equals. He’s working off of a Nathan Parker (of Moon fame) script and is attempting a much more traditionally complex movie than what he’s done so far with Like Crazy and most recently Breathe In. The cast is led by Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, with Doremus regular Guy Pearce in a supporting role, as well as Jacki Weaver. We have our first look at the film now courtesy of Variety, which looks to have a distinct visual style from the filmmaker once again. For those of you who don’t know, Equals is a futuristic/science fiction tinged romance. When I interviewed Doremus earlier this year, we talked briefly about it:

JM: Awesome. Well, for the next movie, you’re going sci-fi I heard?

DD: Well, it’s not so much sci-fi as it is futuristic. It’s not really about the technological elements so much as it’s about a world where love does not exist anymore and human interaction is totally different and has been changed. I mean, it’s totally different, it’s written by Nathan Parker, who wrote Moon, and purposely I’m working with a whole different team of people and I want to do something totally different than I’ve ever done before to stretch myself and to try something totally different. Consciously, it’s very different than Like Crazy and Breathe In.

It sounds really interesting to me, so take a look at the image below and stay tuned for much more on Equals when it likely begins a festival run next year…

Here’s the image:
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