The Good Wife Recap – 6.02: Trust Issues

We return to The Good Wife this week with Cary still in a quandary as the source of funds hearing begins. The prosecution asks Alicia to testify (this happens quite often doesn’t it?) about the source of funds and as expected, it proves that the intent is to bring in Bishop for questioning under oath. Ever the professional, she firmly states that the money comes from a legitimate health club enterprise. However, Polmar reveals that 20% of its members are actually dead, supporting his claim that the business is a cover-up used to launder Bishop’s drug money. Of course, Bishop isn’t very pleased with this development and threatens to take back the bail money if they force him to testify.

As they continue to work through the case, Kalinda reveals that she has heard the tape evidence of Cary telling Bishop’s men how to break the law. Carey claims it’s not true and calls it a fake. Kalinda then asks Bishop to allow his men to give statements in support of Cary. Realizing that there is an informant within his ranks, Bishop grows very suspicious. Soon enough, one of the key witnesses ends up dead!

Despite all this drama, Cary still has clients to take care of. In this episode’s case, he guides Alicia through a class action lawsuit that Chumhum is facing due to an unjust salary freeze for their employees. The details aren’t all that interesting, so all you need to know is that Alicia comes out on top with a favorable settlement.

Meanwhile, Diane announces her retirement at Lockhart/Gardner. She later confides in a returning associate (played by Taye Diggs) from New York about her move to Florrick/Agos and enlists him to join her with the hope of building an awesome new firm. As an unexpected bonus, he brings a number of key personnel from Lockhart/Gardner with him! With the newly acquired human and financial capital, the new Florrick/Agos/Lockhart can now bail out Cary and things seem to revert back to “normal”. However, we clearly haven’t seen the last of this Lemond Bishop investigation and it’s a situation that could be quite dangerous for everyone involved. Alicia’s future is also uncertain as she begins to contemplate whether she should seriously consider the political career as Eli continues to push the issue. I don’t know about you, but it seems like there’s a big game-changer waiting to happen. Hopefully it’s more along the lines of a major career move rather than a fatal fallout from this Lemond Bishop mess.