The Good Wife Recap – 6.05: Shiny Objects


Elsbeth Tascioni is back! This time however, she’s part of the opposition. The central case on this week’s episode of The Good Wife saw Alicia representing her client (a former chief executive at a company called J-Serve) in a law suit against Elsbeth’s for wrongful dismissal on sexist grounds. While the trial is underway however, the computers at Florrick/Agos/Lockhart are shut down by “ransom ware”, with a hacker demanding $50,000 or else they lose all of their files. It leads Kalinda to investigate and she ropes in the services of a former fling, the FBI Agent Lana. While tracking down the nuisance (it turns out the source is a Russian cyber terrorist), they get intimate and a discussion comes up about Kalinda’s sexuality. As usual, she evades the question and gets back to work.

In addition to Kalinda’s efforts, Diane is also required to get involved in the hacker issue. She’s forced to make an uncomfortable return to Lockhart/Gardner to retrieve the email that will allow her to unlock the computers. David Lee won’t let her get off that easy however, asking her to sign over the lease for their offices in exchange for the email. She refuses and we later find out why – she plans to move Florrick Agos Lockhart into their space! This little startup is making big moves. Are you keeping score?

The computers are eventually restored and after much difficulty against the brilliant Elsbeth (the episode notably gives us some insight into her eccentric headspace), Alicia starts to get the upper hand in the trial. However, another criminal charge comes up against J-Serve, requiring the opposing sides to work together to face the feds.

Meanwhile, Alicia is preparing the public announcement of her candidacy, asking Finn Polmar to endorse her with an introduction. Peter objects however and states that he refuses to give his own endorsement if Polmar gets on the stage. Being the badass that she is however, Alicia gives him his comeuppance, stating that he needs her just as much as she needs him. In the end, Alicia gets her endorsements from both of them and the episode concludes with a nice pairing of images from the series’ scandal-ridden first scene and the newly triumphant Alicia in the present.